SIPitSIPit is one part of the SIP development. IETF develops new proposed standards and additions to existing standards – but they need to be tested for interoperability. Just writing documents is not enough. We need code and we need agreements that the standards actually work and deliver interoperability to the users. One implementation following the standards should be able to interoperate fully with another implementation of the same standards. If not, we have a huge problem.

The SIP Interoperability Testbed

SIPit is organized by the SIP forum and lead by Robert Sparks, one of the engineers in the IETF. Robert has organized 29 SIPit events around the world and the next one, SIPit 30, will be hosted by Cisco Systems in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, USA. At SIPit we test both the base SIP standard, as documented in RFC 3261, and the new additions, like SIP Outbound, SIP identity, GRUU and ICE. We have phones, proxys, conference bridges, session border controllers and all kinds of devices as well as SIP stacks under development. We have a gentleman’s agreement not to reveal anything else than generic test results. I can’t use Facebook and say “ha ha, Saul’s new SIP server sucks!“. This leads to a very open and helpful environment. We teach each other, wants everyone to succeed and learn a lot in the process.

Here’s a presentation with a few bullet points to explain to you and your employer why you need to register now! The company will earn on it, get a better product. You will learn more. See you at SIPit!