During the last couple of months, I’ve been trying to understand how to migrate SIP to a world with dual stacks or only IPv6 stacks.  In order to get momentum, I’ve started to create a repository of information on Edvina’s SIPv6 site. I’ve also started a new Twitter flow and a Facebook page. Please follow the project there.

Dan York of Voxeo encouraged this work even further by writing an article on the Voxeo blog called “Will You Join In Olle’s Crusade for VoIP and IPv6?” Great support – thanks, Dan!

I have been doing a lot of reading, trying to start discussion on various mailing lists and have gotten a lot of good feedback I’m trying to digest. Here’s the summary from the latest page on the Edvina web:

I’m confused! My personal feeling is that there are many bits and pieces, many in expired drafts, that is needed to create a working solution. In addition, we need to create a happy-signalling-solution that focuses on dual stack call setup using DNS to find the next hop and possibly Record-route issues. For developers, this is all very confusing and time-consuming to understand and try to implement. It’s time to come up with clear guidelines.

Help me untangle this mess!