I’ve been working with SIP for over 10 years, and the starting point was the SIP Express Router by IPtel.org. That server has evolved, the project has both forked and merged back and is now named Kamailio. It’s the SIP server I use for enhanced security, for load balancing, for scalability, for all kinds of fixes of broken SIP implementations and much more. This is also the focus of my SIP training classes.

kamailio-4-0Major Kamailio upgrade

Kamailio is soon about to release a major new release, with over 15 new modules, with extended support of IMS, with web sockets and much more. This is the first release where I have contributed actual code. Previously, I’ve focused on making sure that the documentation is covering everything, is readable and correct. For version 4.0, I have done the same, touched almost all module documentation files.

Lear more about Kamailio in a short presentation!

Here’s a quick introduction to Kamailio – the Open Source SIP server – and how it compares to an IP Pbx like Asterisk or FreeSwitch.