During 2008, I worked with my Portuguese business partner Wavecom to build a large installation of Asterisk and OpenSER in Portugal. The network is now running 300 servers, 250 of them running Asterisk, FreePBX and OpenSER. It’s handling 200 connections to legacy PBXs of all kinds and over 10.000 phone numbers. During 2009 we’ve developed a failover solution, to make sure that every FreePBX server always stays up, regardless of the state of the hardware.

We’ve migrated 34 Universities to use Open Realtime Communication with Open Source. They are now migrating their user base from old PBX phones to modern VoIP phones.

Want to learn more?
Come to Amoocom in Germany, May 4-5, 2009 and listen to my talk!   And if you need help with similar large-size projects, contact me on info@edvina.net!