Asterisk 1.4 Hints

Asterisk 1.4 contains a lot of new features and changes that you can benefit from in your enterprise or carrier class Asterisk PBX. Red more about the news in a series of articles by Olle E. Johansson, Asterisk community evangelist and developer.
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Asterisk 1.4 not only adds features to your PBX, it also adds enhanced voice quality for VoIP. The new and improved jitterbuffer implementation covers all RTP-based VoIP channels. Previoiusly, only the IAX2 channel driver had a jitter buffer implementation. (more…)

The Asterisk project has a very strict policy in regards to backwards compatibility. Unless we can’t find another solution, we’re not allowed to remove a function between releases. A configuration for Asterisk 2.4 should work in the next release. In order to be able to change functionality we warn users in one release and then remove the functionality in the coming release. So a configuration in 3.0 works in 3.2 but maybe not in 3.4.

This article tries to provide help with known problems with upgrading. Read on to learn how to avoid the traps! (more…)

Asterisk 1.4 delivers many new features. In regards to call state subscriptions, there are many news for you. Call state subscriptions are what makes the lamps blink on your phone when your collegue’s phone rings. In 1.4, you can make it blink based on activity in parking lots and meetme conferences as well. Read on! (more…)

Asterisk 1.4 introduces a new level of Jabber integration, developed by Matthew O’Gorman at Digium. The Asterisk Open Source PBX integrates with Jabber/XMPP in many ways. (more…)