At the first Astricon I was very happy to see Marc Blanchet as one of the attendees. I knew he was one of the IPv6 gurus and wanted someone to show some interest in Asterisk and IPv6.Well, he did not only get interested in it, but started coding on it. The results have been available for quite some time at and Marc has tested it at several SIPits for interoperability.

This patch is very large and affects large areas of Asterisk. In order to support IPv6, we need to update the way we interact with sockets, with DNS, with URI’s. The SIP channel needs to handle multiple UDP as well as TCP sockets in both protocols. The ACL’s we use for all VoIP protocols and manager needs support for IPv6. And much more.

Marc hasn’t been able to spend time to keep it up to date with the everchanging trunk. I feel we need to move this forward and try to divide the large patch into smaller pieces that can be reviewed separately by the developer team and  be merged gradually. First, Marcs branch needs a serious overhaul to get up to date with trunk.

In order to work on this, Marc and I needs funding .I have a few interested parties, but need more interested parties that can commit to funding during the first half of 2010 for this project.  It’s not a small task, the current estimate is at least one month’s work for each of us for updating, cutting it up, merging, going through the review process, testing and finalizing with new tests at SIPit or a similar event.

If your organization is interested, please let me know off list and we’ll discuss from there. My e-mail is as always Please don’t hesitate to mail me with any questions you might have about this project.