Asterisk IdeasFor a long time, we have needed a platform for managing feature requests – things that the community or developers would like to see in Asterisk. We used to have a “feature request” category in the bug tracker, but there was no good way to handle them in the bug tracker and they where in the way for the work done by developers in the tracker. They ended up getting closed, only to be reachable by searching closed bug reports. Not a very good solution for brainstorms and good ideas.

The new site is basically a blog with comments and voting capability. You register on the site to be able to file a feature request. Other people may then add comments or vote for requests.

Hopefully, this will be a repository of ideas and a good discussion platform. Things will be stored and accessible. As usual, filing a feature request is not a guarantee that anything will happen. You still need to make sure developer resources are put to it somehow.

Please also remember that it’s not a support forum. You can’t get help in the idea repository. There are already mailing lists and forums in place for that.

Let’s try this out for a while and see if it’s a good tool that works for us. Register for an account on today!

Thanks for any feedback!