This week, the Asterisk Video Task Force has had it’s first workshop in Paris. (Nov 20-22, 2006)

First of all, we really have to send a big THANK YOU to Inria, the French research institute, that
hosted the event. They have been great hosts and provided us with both food, power and
network connectivity!
A special thank you to Philippe Sultan at Inria for organizing all of this.

To summarize:

1.4 testing

We started with testing the 1.4 beta. Some notes

  • Direct RTP media setup did not work as expected. During the setup,
    the payload types was not copied between the call legs, resulting
    in bad calls with failing media. When answering, the capabilities
    of the callee is not used when sending 200 Ok to the caller. We opened a branch called “earlyrtpfix” to try to fix this. Almost there.
  • IAX video is broken. Currently, the capabilities fails and video disappears
    somewhere in the call setup. Even with that fixed, there is a problem with
    not sending the frame sequence number across the bridge, which may
    result in bad resequencing on the other side. Out of order frames will be
    renumbered as they where in perfect order… IAX2 also seems to have
    problems with video frames larger than the MTU and video frames that
    are transported in multiple RTP payloads.
  • We could set up calls between several phones. Ojo videophones,
    Aupix, Grandstream, Wooksung, Counterpath Eyebeam, Ekiga
    and Kapanga was tested as well as some unbranded softphones
    in development.
  • We do have several problems in the RTP subsystem, that we
    need to look into.

Future things discussed

  • Direct transcoding from alaw to ulaw. Module developed during the session by Morten.
  • AMR codec support
  • Integrations with 3G, support for 3G videocalls in libpri/chan_zap
  • Exchange of more complete codec capabilities during call setup
    (branch videocaps)
  • T.140 realtime text support
  • Development of a contrib/videotoolbox for conversions, ivr video prompts etc
  • Integration with remote transcoders
  • Integration with OpenMCU videoconferencing
  • Neil’s videoconference switch for app_conference
  • H.323 video support
  • Videolan integration for streaming video – VideoOnHold
  • Next meeting in a sunny place
    After discussion, sunny is optional, no rain or snow is mandatory 🙂

This meeting was really productive and has moved Asterisk forward. Meeting for a few days really
helps, especially when you have a strong focus – like “video”.

/Olle Johansson