Olle E. Johansson - developer, SIP expert, founder of Edvina AB

Olle E. Johansson

This is a site published by Olle E. Johansson at Edvina AB, Sollentuna, Sweden. Olle is an active developer in the Asterisk.org Open Source project and the Kamailio Open Source SIP Server project, a trainer in Kamailio, Asterisk and SIP classes and a consultant focusing on large scale projects, like carrier platforms, call centers, enterprise communication systems and university migration platforms.Having participated in many SIPit interoperability events, he has a lot of experience in SIP interoperability testing and security. Current areas of focus are IPv6, SIP security and extending SIP beyond telephony gateways.

Olle has worked with Open standards and Open Source since over 20 years and have experience in applications, security, networking and operating systems. You can follow him on Twitter as @oej to see what’s going on in his mind.