The benefit of open standards is that it put the customers in control. They can use any SIP-compatible phone with any SIP-compatible server. We can place calls between companies. We can freely choose a SIP PSTN-gateway service provider. There are no vendor lock-ins.

To reach this, a lot of work is needed. A lot of testing, code changes, discussions between developers and regular meetings as standards evolve. The SIP Forum, an organization for vendors that sell SIP based services or products, organizes SIPit events where developers meet to run tests, discuss standards and improve their products. The winners here are the customers. A result of SIPit is better interoperability between products, something that expands the market and makes it easier to integrate solutions from different vendors.

As a customer, please ask your vendor if they send teams to SIPit. That’s enough. There are no formal tests involved, no official test results that you can ask for. Participation means that a vendor is interested in interoperability, which is good for you.

Registration for the next SIPit in Monte Carlo, Monaco, is now open. It’s hosted by ETSI, an European Union standardization organization. If you develop SIP products – make sure you register now!