2011 February

February 2011

FOSS Stockholm is a group of Open Source developers, users, advocates and fans that meet and talk about various Open Source related issues. Today we had a lot of good talks on Open Source in development countries and it’s affect on democracy, about Open Source project management and other interesting topics. I had a quick overview of realtime communication security in order to stimulate a discussion. The slides are now published on Slideshare.

Realtime communication security – SIP, XMPP and others

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The Session Initiation Protocol was developed in the 21st century. RFC 3261 is dated June 2002. In this time, network and Internet security was nothing new. Still, this is the year 2011 and most phones and servers still lack important security features. It’s not a lack of security technology and solution proposals that is the problem. It’s a lack of requirements from the market. And two paradigms that yet again meet – the netheads and the bellheads. In this article, I will try to give you an overview of the issues at hand without going to far into all the technichal details. (more…)