The document “The use of the SIPS URI Scheme in the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)” is now approved by the IESG as a proposed standard. This is an update to RFC3261 that clears up a lot of the issues that has been open in regards to the SIPS: URL scheme.Now we need some clarifications on the “;transport=tls” use and implementation notes, so that all application developers can start working with fixing the applications.I did not realize how bad the situation was until last SIPit where I participated in a TLS interoperability test.  There where too many opinions on how to implement and support TLS in SIP, and too many non-interoperable implementations. A missing piece in many implementations, is DNS NAPTR support. NAPTR plays a very important role in secure SIP connection setups.   The biggest question still remains: What’s a secure call? For Asterisk, we have to do a lot of work here to implement security in the dialplan. But at least we have one document that more clearly explains SIPS: to work with now!