Testing open source code is an eternal problem. People that find bugs in the Asterisk release code complain: \”Did you not test this before release?\”. When we ask people to test code before release we seldom get feedback. If we apply less strict rules for committing new code to the development version, people will complain: \”You destroyed my system, this does not work!\” – even though we clearly say that this is development code. Guess there is no way to make everyone happy.

Important facts: Testing is a very important part of the development process. You can participate actively in the development team without being a developer – testing and documenation are really important too. We do need feedback. Asterisk is very complex, it runs on many operating systems, in combination with many third party libraries and various types of hardware. No single user can test all combinations while developing a new feature or fixing something.

The big question: What to do?

How do we get more people involved in testing? Currently my strategy is make it easier to test. I\’ve compiled a lot of patches from the bug tracker into one super-branch called test-this-branch. A lot of people have already started to test this branch. It includes a lot of stuff that may or may not be included in Asterisk – but without testing it will be very hard to make any decisions or adjustments to the code in there.

Thanks for your time, thank you for contributing, thank you for testing \”test-this-branch\”!