2006 January

January 2006

Registering multiple SIP accounts with one SIP provider has been a nightmare in Asterisk. Or, rather, still is. The match-on-IP scheme for peers is a hack to handle registrations, but not a very good hack. If you register for multiple accounts, the incoming calls will all match the same peer. A poor solution.

With the help of Luigo Rizzo, I have started a rewrite of the SIP outbound registration process in Asterisk. You can find the current development code in a subversion branch named sipregister.

In this code, you will soon find the following features:

  • Registrations are matched exactly. If you register multiple accounts on the same server, but with different extensions in the register= line, we will match the registrations and send incoming calls to the proper extensions.
  • Registrations within a peer declaration. You can now add register=yes to the peer section in sip.conf. This will make Asterisk register that account with an outbound provider. Incoming calls will be matched to the incoming context of the peer.

Asterisk will still try to match inbound calls on IP of the peer, but I doubt if it will be needed in the future. Please help me try this code and find the bugs before we include it in Asterisk trunk.

A bug was found tonight, where Asterisk stopps sending audio across bridged channels – starting tonight! If this is a problem in your system, you need to patch or update:

  • The subversion repositories are updated, both the 1.2 branch and trunk (developer)
  • A patch is available in the bug tracker

A new release of Asterisk 1.2 will be available on ftp.digium.com as soon as possible.

In the current Asterisk version, there is one parking lot per PBX. This leads to problems when you have multiple user groups in your PBX. With this patch, you can enable multiple parking lots, in order to

  • Give each company using a virtual PBX it\’s own parking lot
  • Give each department a parking lot
  • Give a manager a parking lot that the admin also can access

Please test this patch to Asterisk 1.3 (svn trunk). Check out the multiparking module, compile and read the sample configuration. If you\’re happy, tell me. If you stumble into problems, tell me. The place to give feedback is the bug tracker, bug #6113. Thanks for testing!