2005 July

July 2005

In response to a large number of questions on the mailing list I’ve
decided to publish a presentation I have been running in the Asterisk
– our one-week training class.

This presentation covers many, but does not claim to cover ALL, new
features of Asterisk version 1.2. I hope it will wet your appetite to
help us test the new code.

The presentation is available here:

For information on how you can help with Asterisk 1.2, see here:

If I’ve forgotten a new feature that you think is important, I’m
grateful for all feedback!

Finally, it\’s out in the open! The Asterisk documentation project book is soon coming out, published by O\’Reilly. It\’s a great book (I\’ve read parts of it as a reviewer) and will make a lot of change to the acceptance of Asterisk. The book will be available in book stores soon.

So you are probably wondering what we\’ve been doing over the last seven months – well . . . we\’ve been writing a book! Thanks to the generosity of O\’Reilly Media, the dreams we had for our first two volumes have been realized in the upcoming book, Asterisk: The Future of Telephony

Meet the authors at Astricon 2005 in Anaheim!

Asterisk 1.0 was released at Astricon 2004, in September last year. It\’s
been almost a year and we haven\’t been able to go ahead and release a
new version. Now is the time to try to move forward again.

As we\’ve outlined before, the process is this:

  • Code freeze: At this point, we\’ll stop accepting new additions
    (new functions) to the source code. Bug fixes are more than
    welcome, but additions will be postponed until after release
    and added to the 1.3dev source code base (the new HEAD).
  • Release candidate: A release candidate will be produced as a
    tar.gz file on the FTP site.
  • Release of 1.2: The new release version of Asterisk, that replaces
    Asterisk 1.0
  • Release of 1.2.1: The working version 🙂 of the new version of

So why 1.2.1? Well, the common feeling among developers is that

\”No one really tests anything until we release, so we will receive
bug reports from the hour we release 1.2.0\”

Let\’s try to prove
that they are wrong!

Astricon 2005 will take place in Anaheim, California October 12-14 2005.
Astricon is the Asterisk conference, arranged by IPsando LLC in
cooperation with Digium.

We are now looking for speakers. The conference will be bigger than last
year, so we are looking for more speakers than before in the conference part of

In addition to the tutorials, we\’re adding a three-track conference day
with a focus on call/contact centers, carriers and enterprise use of
Asterisk. The full program for Astricon 2005 looks like this:

  • Tuesday, Oct 11th: Pre-conference events: Developer meeting,
    Meet Asterisk: Introduction to Asterisk for beginners
  • Wednesday, Oct 12th: Tutorials
  • Thursday, Oct 13th: Three track conference:
    • Asterisk for Call and Contact centers
    • Asterisk for service providers
    • Asterisk for business use
  • Friday, Oct 14th: One track general conference

Please visit http://www.astricon.net/2005/speakers/ to
how to submit your speaker\’s proposal.

Asterisk Solutions Showcase

For the first year, we\’re running an Asterisk Solutions Showcase on
Astricon! This will be part of the Astricon Exhibition. Asterisk-related
Open Source projects will be able to showcase their solutions in this
area. Also, if you have a good, funny, scary or just impressive solution
based on Asterisk that you want to share, please apply for a booth in
the Asterisk Solutions Showcase. Brian Capouch will be there showing
Asterisk on Linksys Routers amongst other projects.

Please send proposals describing your solution to info@ipsando.com no
later than july 30th. If you want to show commercial solutions that you
sell, you need to buy a booth in the exhibition. Ask for more
information by e-mailing info@astricon.net.