2004 August

August 2004

Welcome to a new issue of Asterisk Summer News!

The holiday season is coming to an end here in Sweden, people are
getting back to work and the kids will start going to school next week.
Life is slowly adopting to normal and I have to start dressing more
towards a businessman than a beach bum. Guess I have to start going
to the gym again as well. Anyway, back to the topic. Asterisk and
VoIP. Asterisk and VoIP is a large area of knowledge to cover, you
learn more each day. A gym for the brain, a gym I\’m visiting every day.
Reading RFCs, reading source, experimenting with devices. It\’s a lot
of fun. In this issue, I\’m inviting you to my VoIP gym, talking about
how you enable other to dial you by your e-mail address. Once you start
doing it, it becomes a natural thing. We also cover the new release candidate
and news from Asterisk developers.

In this issue

  • Astricon 2004 Update
  • SIP: Dial by names
  • Asterisk 1.0rc2 out – test it!
  • Warning: Asterisk HANGUPCAUSE changed values
  • CVS changes and additions


The recent addition of OSP support in the Asterisk SIP channel was the result of a joint project between TransNexus and Digium:

Atlanta, Georgia (USA) August 2, 2004. TransNexus and Digium have partnered to add the Open Settlement Protocol (OSP) to the Asterisk Open Source PBX. The new feature expands the already broad functionality of Asterisk. With the addition of OSP, Asterisk users now have the option of subscribing to global VoIP carrier services that use OSP for multi-lateral peering.