2004 July

July 2004

\"AsteriskSunday news is today published on a Monday. Yesterday was fourth of
July, and I used that as an excuse for being off line yesterday.
(Sweden\’s national day is June 6th – and it\’s not yet a public holiday,
btw). Most of my Asterisk time lately have been used for producing
the registration site for Astricon and tracking down speakers that
haven\’t sent in their material for the conference web. Meanwhile,
developer\’s have been struggling hard to expand Asterisk to new
territories and improve existing functions.

During the summer, I can\’t guarantee weekly publishing of
Asterisk Sunday News. The weather is so unstable here in the
Stockholm area, so I\’ll use rainy days for Asterisk work
and stay off-line to go kite-flying, bathing or maybe canoing
when the weather permits… Thank heaven for Asterisk\’s voicemail
and call forwarding. If it rains on Ă–land, but not here, I\’ll
immediately forward all my calls to my collegue down there
and run out of the office to enjoy the summer. Voicemail
and call queue logic have changed quite a lot lately, so
read on to make sure you have the latest Asterisk news:

Today\’s topics:

  • Astricon Open for Registration
  • Major changes to call queueing in Asterisk
  • New book: \”Asterisk for a Small Office Setup\”
  • Redfone announces Asterisk-based commercial PBX
  • New version of FireFly – the IAX and SIP softphone
  • Recent CVS additions and changes
  • The bug process revisited


Dan Cole has published a new Asterisk book. There are rumours about another one being in the pipelines as well.

In this book I explain the setup of Asterisk, provide information about Asterisk and Voice Over IP Service, as well as advanced configuration. The book also explains some of the common problems with Asterisk and how to resolve them.

A large installation of IPv6 IP telephony. More of these, and we\’ll start seing IPv6 support in the IP phones. With more IPv6, the work on SIP and NAT will be less problematic, even though we\’ll have to start focusing on SIP over IPv6 to IPv4 gateways instead, a problem with some similarities to the NAT solutions.

Freebit collaborates with Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. to offer the Internet connection service and IPv6 Centrex service for approximately 300 sites. Kyoritsu Maintenance manages and operates dormitories for students and corporate employees. More than 20,000 phone sets will be deployed for this service. With the success of a trial deployment at a site, all implementation at 300 sites will be finished by the end 2004.

A new RFC published on the use of telephone numbers in SIP. This RFC is important reading for
everyone that is going to implement ENUM, since it contains recommendations on the use of
ENUM together with SIP. In short, a selection of recommendations from the RFC:

  • Use only one SIP address for each ENUM record
  • Use only SIP address-of-record addresses, with long term stability
  • Use \”E2U+sip\” as the service name, nothing else. This is the IANA registred standard
  • It is recommended to use the exclamation mark \”!\” as the regular expression delimiter

Quoting the Abstract:

ontexts in which telephone numbers are employed by Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) applications, many of which can be addressed by ENUM. Although SIP was one of the primary applications for which ENUM was created, there is nevertheless a need to define procedures for integrating ENUM with SIP implementations. This document illustrates how the two protocols might work in concert, and clarifies the authoring and processing of ENUM records for SIP applications. It also provides guidelines for instances in which ENUM, for whatever reason, cannot be used to resolve a telephone number.


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