2004 May

May 2004

\”Thinking of moving your phones to VOIP to save money? Better think again. Today\’s SIP and VOIP protocols are as vulnerable as an unpatched version of Windows XP.\”
A serious article about a serious problem we all need to work on.

During the recent week, Asterisk have been changing quite dramatically. We currently have two development branches. Stable and head.
Stable is the base for the coming 1.0 release. Mark Spencer have been working like a maniac killing all outstanding bugs in order to be able to package a release candidate pre-release. He\’s been working with users, bug marshals and developers to kill bugs and stabilize the code. It certainly looks positive.

Head is the base fro the coming 1.1 release. In head, Mark is adding new applications, new functions and a lot of outstanding patches from the bug tracker. Among new functions in the cvs for head:

  • Internationalization: We\’ve added support for a lot of languages in the saynumber() function and are moving ahead to sort out other functions that need i18n, like meetme and voicemail.
  • Applications: A new SMS send application and a groupcount application for enforcing limits on channels. A lot of applications have changed and been corrected.
  • Performance: The code is constantly scrutinized for performance hits. A lot of changes is implemented across the code base to improve performance.
  • Standard compliance: The SIP channel has been changed a lot to be more compliant with various devices and protocol additions. We now have realm configuration, multiline header support and QOP authentication in Asterisk. A lot of small bugs in the SIP channel has been fixed, so it\’s more stabile than ever.
  • Documentation: The sample configuration files and README files are now more extensive and makes it easier to learn Asterisk. In combination with the growing documentation on the Asterisk Wiki, the 1.0 release will be easier to install and configure for a new user.

At the same time as we are working on getting these two releases out, new projects take form, targeted for the 1.2 release. These are even more interesting, but needs quite a lot of testing before being part of a release.