2004 January

January 2004

So, finally. After a very hectic weekend, there\’s a new version of Asterisk released. First there was a 0.7.0 release, but after ten minutes, a serious bug was discovered. It is a major change in the way Asterisk is distributed, now the CVS may be more active for testing purposes, not to be used for production servers.

So, please download Asterisk, the stable relase:

Mark Spencer, of Digium, yesterday announced that the Asterisk source code in CVS will finally split into one stable branch, recommended for production systems, and one development branch, recommended for unstable development servers. The split will take place on Monday, january 12th.
This step has been prepared during the fall and after some discussion on the mailing list and with support from some of the core developers, Mark decided the time was right to go ahead. This will make the path to a 1.0 release smoother, as we can implement new functionality in thet CVS more freely and test as we go along. Stay tuned for more information.

Peter Rukavina have implemented an XML-RPC server to dial from the OS X address book with Asterisk.

This may qualify as the single most complicated way to dial the phone ever created. However the end result — click on number in the Mac OS X Address Book and have it dialed for me — is quite neat.

Voxilla.com has \”Asterisk hits it big\” as #3 on the top-ten predictions for the new year:

Yes, it\’s a gimmick. But the holidays mean there\’s not much news to report. So why not look ahead and present our own decidedly unobjective list?

Here are our Top-Ten predictions for VoIP in \’04: