2003 March

March 2003

The IAB discusses the End-to-End principle of IP in this very important draft for all of you that want to understand IPv4 versus IPv6, NAT or not to NAT and IP-telephony architecture discussions.

The end to end principle is the core architectural principle of the Internet. In this document, we briefly examine the development of the end to end principle as it has been applied to the Internet architecture over the years. We discuss current trends in the evolution of the Internet architecture in relation to the end to end principle, and try to draw some conclusion about the evolution of the end to end principle, and thus for the Internet architecture which it supports, in light of these current trends.

HÃ¥kan Persson and Jasminko Mulahusic of Telia in Sweden have published an IETF draft regarding SIP functionality in dual stack environments. This is useful information not only for those of you who are interested in SIP, but for all application developers that want to support dual stack environments, maybe especially in P2P scenarios.

The advent of IPv6 in addition to IPv4 makes hosts and servers dual- stack. SIP communications can be used in both environments but there is little understanding what will happen if some nodes are dual-stack while others, presently the majority, is IPv4 only enabled. This document describes some scenarios and associated issues when dual- stack users and servers try to communicate with IPv4 only hosts using SIP. It is not evident that interoperability is achieved, and if that is not the case, this would severely limit the usability of both SIP and IPv6.

Hmmm. Yesterday I installed a SIP server on my internal server system. I got it running, but couldn\’t configure it properly I guess, since I couldn\’t find clients that worked on my Linux. Need to upgrade Linux to the gnome desktop so I have all the necessary libraries for the Linphone.org SIP phone. I\’ve been wanting my own software PBX for a long time, and it\’s getting close. Wonder if I\’m able to use my ISDN line for connecting to the old telephony system?

Well, at least I\’ve taken the first step.