2002 August

August 2002

CNN skriver om IP-telefoni i Japan:
CNN.com – Voice over Internet service talks to consumers – August 20, 2002
Subscribers to Softbank\’s Yahoo broadband Internet service get voice over Internet for free. Non-subscribers pay about $10 per month including modem rental after a $30 installation fee.

Users keep their same phone number. The broadband service is an asymmetric digital subscriber line that runs over existing wires. Customers still must pay a line fee that starts at about $13 a month to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, the former state monopoly that still controls nearly all fixed lines to homes.

Ericsson Review No. 01, 2002 – The future of communication using SIP
SIP has the potential to be a groundbreaking, disruptive force for change. We foresee that the adoption of SIP will usher in a new era of multimedia communications that leverage the strengths of Internet technologies to provide opportunities for innovation.